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Bathroom Adaptations

Our highly experienced team carries out hundreds of bathroom adaptations each year for a huge variety of clients. Each project ranges from carrying out a small amount of work through to completing a whole room. 

We strive to always find the right solution for each of our clients. Not everyone likes the idea of a wet room. In these cases, our team works with them to find the right low access shower tray instead.

Professional advice

Our friendly team are always happy to give professional advice when needed. In some instances, the technical issues and practicality of what needs to be achieved have to be discussed. In such cases, our advice can help clients make informed decisions on what is going to be best for them. 

Bathroom before access mobility renovated the room
Bathroom after access mobility turned the room into a wetroom

Public and private sector

As a specialist contractor, we carry out renovation work to over 500 bathrooms every year for both local councils and private homeowners. Each job we work on is different and the work can range from a simple job; such as removing the bathtub to complete transformations. This includes the creation of a level access shower area, installation of a Wash and Dry toilet and safety flooring.

Our extensive experience means that we can carry out as much or as little work as needed to improve the facilities in a home. 

Old shower with a hole in the floor
New shower/ wet room

We take bathrooms that are no longer usable for the occupant and create spaces for them to continue to remain independent in their own home. Of course, this means that we need to work closely with the occupant to understand their needs. 

A unique approach

We understand that no two people are the same and what one occupant needs may be different to another. Generally speaking, our bathroom renovations involve removing the bathtub and replacing it with a level-access shower with a seat. This allows the user, who has mobility issues, to sit down while showering. 

We pride ourselves on being able to work in space-limited rooms, as many of the homes we work in have small bathrooms. Sometimes, we even surprise the client with how much can be installed into the room! As you can see from the photo, we really utilised the available space to replace the old and difficult-to-use shower with a walk-in wet-room and an additional basin.