Kitchen adaptations for the less able are very important, as let’s face it one way or the other we all seem to spend a great deal of time in the kitchen!

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Because of this, kitchen adaptations require a great deal of consideration and planning to suit the needs of the less able user, but also to suit the needs of any other able-bodied persons within the home.

Therefore, whilst each and every kitchen is unique with different client needs and requirements, we will always listen to your needs, and plan for you accordingly.

The main items to consider are the positioning and height of appliances and workstations for all users, such as preparation areas and of course the good old kitchen sink!

For wheelchair users, taller recessed plinths can be installed and also void areas can left out beneath the worktops, so that full access can be gained to designated workstation areas.

The range of units and worktops nowadays is comparable to the mainstream range of kitchen units that you will see in most showrooms, so functional does not have to compromise the appearance.