Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.If you cannot find the answer to your query then please contact us and we would be happy to help.

1. How long will it take to carry out the bathroom adaptation?
Depending on the amount of work required. A basic adaption will take 3-10 days.

2. I live in a flat how can you achieve a level access shower as there is a flat below me?
We can fit a special auto waste pump, so we only need a minimum of space under the floor.

3. Will I have to pay VAT on my shower adaptation?
NO. If you are less able we can provide a disclaimer form. Which will ZERO RATE you from paying VAT On most items.

4. Will the floor be slippery if water is laying on it?
No. we use anti-slip flooring such as Altro or Tarkett which are specially manufactured for wet rooms.

5. I do not like wet rooms can I have a level access tray instead?
Yes we can install level trays with a slip-resistant base as well as low-level trays, only 40mm high.

6. There are other people in my family that are not disabled. I do not want all of the worktops at a low level.
No problem we at Access can design a kitchen that incorporates part of the kitchen for less able use and part for standard height use.

7. I find it difficult to get around my flat in my wheelchair. Is there anything that can be done to help?
Yes. We could widen your doors or remove a section of the wall to give a better turning circle.

8. Who do you use to carry out the work for me? Are they subcontractors?
All of the work is carried out by our own employed team of skilled and trained workmen. We are Also NICEIC registered for any electrical works.